“I was super hesitant to do group therapy; it ended up being the most helpful thing for me. It’s been far more powerful for me than individual therapy. I think I have a lot of anxieties around social situations and being around people. [Group] allows you to experience those firsthand, and deal with them in that moment. You get to understand how people see you. In that room, they’ll tell you.”

“Her love of the work and of doing this work — she does it very deeply herself. That’s been really important because she’s really modelling for you what it looks like to be authentic, open, curious and brave. Often if I’m in a tricky conversations with people, I’ll think, ‘What would Lisa do? How would she respond?’ She’s so good at helping people stay open. She has such good insights and such a good read on things.”

“After seeing Lisa, there’s a lot more acceptance that I’m very very grateful for, because my own 
battle was not accepting myself, my emotions, or where I was at. I had all this fear and shame and 
guilt. I’ve learned to embrace them, and know that’s okay, instead of pushing those things away. She 
has this metaphor of shame being a beach ball that you try to push under the water; it’s just going to 
keep popping up. So how do you learn to live with it floating on the surface? I think a lot of it is sitting 
in the kind of emotions I’d been trying to push away. If I’m feeling guilty, then feel guilty. Push through 
it instead of trying to avoid it. Don’t deny feeling guilty. Acknowledgement is such a big part of the 
process. Acknowledging something is happening.”  
“I felt such relief when I realized I’d found a person I could really figure stuff out with. I look forward 
to going to therapy. I notice when I don’t go. She just has brought new value to my life in ways I can’t 
even count.” 
“In LA, a lot of people go to therapy. I’ve realized from talking to my friends that some people don’t 
really want to do this soulful deep excavation; they just want to go and vent and call it a day. To work 
with Lisa, you have to really be willing to face yourself. Some people can’t handle it. It’s a beautiful 
and kind of terrifying thing to start really seeing yourself…It’s changed my life.”  
“She listens and contributes in equally beneficial ways. I feel very heard with her, and I also feel like 
the takeaway is so beneficial and thoughtful.” 
“She’s a real safe haven for me. She’s really an ally.” 
“She has this kind of authentic optimism. I knew she wasn’t going to “BS” me, but she was also, 
‘Cool, let’s figure this out.’ I felt hopeful leaving [after my first session]; Even if she was telling me that 
I had a lot of work to do, there was still this sense of ‘we can do this.’”